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Licence For Alternations

Construction details for contractors and building control

What Does A Licence For Alteration Entail?

The landlord’s Licence to Alter is a document that contains all the terms and conditions under which an alteration must be carried out if the tenant/leaseholder wants to create an alteration or renovation to the property they are leasing. This allows a leaseholder some flexibility in altering the property to their needs, while also ensuring it isn’t changed in a way that the freeholder is not happy with.

Licence For Alterations Service

Under the terms of most residential and commercial leases, the Lessee (tenant) is required to obtain the Landlord’s approval prior to undertaking significant alterations to the building.

We advise Landlords and Our experienced team provide expert guidance to Landlords and Tenants on everything related to the grant of consents. We create precision plans tailored to each instance, then monitor progress throughout construction before final sign-off is given

We can liaise directly with freeholders, management and lessees to have alterations granted ‘subject to by-law’.


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Brandon Winchester
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Alfie Wakelin
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Vendo Digital
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