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Party Wall Surveyor Kenley

Facing construction work adjoining a neighbouring property in Kenley? Simmons Taylor Hall can help ensure a smooth process with our experienced party wall surveyors. We understand the complexities of the Party Wall Act 1996 and will guide you through every step, from serving notices to resolving potential disputes. Our qualified surveyors will assess your project, be it an extension or loft conversion, and prepare the necessary party wall awards to protect both your property and your neighbour’s. Don’t navigate party wall matters alone – contact us today for a stress-free building experience.

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Party Wall Surveyor for Extensions and Loft Conversions

Undertaking extensions or loft conversions often involves shared walls with neighbouring properties. The Party Wall Act 1996 comes into play in these situations, safeguarding the interests of both you and your neighbours. Appointing a party wall surveyor ensures a compliant and hassle-free process.

Our chartered surveyors possess a wealth of experience navigating the Party Wall Act. We’ll assess your project details and identify any potential party wall implications. We’ll then guide you through the legalities of serving the appropriate notices to your neighbours, ensuring clear communication and fostering positive relationships throughout the construction phase.

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Cost of a Party Wall Surveyor in Kenley

Understanding the cost of a party wall surveyor in Kenley is crucial for budgeting your extension or loft conversion project. While there’s no fixed price, we offer transparent and competitive fees. The final cost depends on the complexity of your project and the level of involvement required from the surveyor.

For straightforward extensions or loft conversions, the fees are typically lower. However, projects involving substantial excavation or intricate party wall works may require more surveyor input, leading to a higher cost. We’ll provide a clear breakdown of fees upfront, so you can make informed decisions throughout the process. Don’t hesitate to contact us for a free, no-obligation quote to get a better idea of the investment involved in securing a party wall surveyor for your building project.

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Oliver Boggis
Oliver Boggis
I instructed STH to undertake a party wall award between my company and a neighbour. Nick was prompt, professional and a pleasure to deal with. Many thanks for your help.
Monarfon Holiday Cottage
Monarfon Holiday Cottage
STH prepared specifications and were able to offer expert advise for elements of our repairs and refurbishment.
Brandon Winchester
Brandon Winchester
Couldn't be happier with the service that was provided. For reliability and efficiency, I couldn't have asked for anything more. Strongly recommend!

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Failure to comply with the Party Wall Act can lead to disputes and legal action from your neighbour.
While talking to your neighbour is a good idea, it’s recommended to have a party wall surveyor formally serve notices and prepare the awards to ensure everything is documented and legally sound.
The timeframe can vary depending on the complexity of your project and communication with your neighbour. In general, expect a minimum of 2 weeks after serving the initial notice.
A party wall surveyor can help facilitate communication and try to reach an agreement. If disagreement persists, the Act provides a dispute resolution process.

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