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Party Wall Surveyors Teddington

We are a reputable firm providing party wall surveyor services in Teddington. Our experienced team of surveyors specialises in addressing party wall matters with precision and professionalism. Whether you’re planning construction or renovation projects that involve shared walls, boundaries, or structures, our surveyors are here to assist you. We pride ourselves on delivering reliable and comprehensive surveying services tailored to meet the specific needs of our clients in the Teddington area.

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Do you need a Party Wall Surveyor?

If you’re contemplating construction work that involves a party wall, it’s crucial to engage the services of a party wall surveyor. The Party Wall etc. Act 1996 mandates that property owners must notify their neighbours if they plan to carry out certain building works affecting shared walls. A party wall surveyor acts as an impartial third party, ensuring that the interests of both property owners are safeguarded throughout the process. Whether you’re the building owner initiating the work or the adjoining owner receiving the notice, having a surveyor ensures that the process is conducted in accordance with legal requirements and helps prevent disputes that may arise during or after the construction.

What You'll Need A Party Wall Survey For...

Electricity & Pipework

Rebuilding Walls

Cutting Into The Wall
For Any Work

Removing A
Chimney Breast

Steel Beam

RICS Certified Party Wall Surveyors Teddington

Our team takes pride in having RICS (Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors) certified party wall surveyors in Teddington. RICS certification is a mark of professionalism and quality, signifying that our surveyors adhere to the highest standards in the industry. When you choose our RICS-certified party wall surveyors, you can trust that your party wall matters will be handled with expertise, integrity, and in compliance with industry best practices. Our commitment to excellence ensures that your construction projects proceed smoothly and legally, minimising potential conflicts and ensuring the structural integrity of shared walls.

The Benefits of a Party Wall Survey

Engaging a party wall surveyor offers several benefits. Firstly, it helps to establish a clear and legal framework for the proposed construction work, ensuring that all parties involved are aware of their rights and responsibilities. Additionally, the survey helps identify and address potential issues before construction begins, preventing disputes and costly delays. By having a surveyor involved, you contribute to a smoother construction process, maintaining positive relationships with neighbours and ensuring that your project complies with legal requirements. The peace of mind and legal protection provided by a party wall surveyor make their services an essential investment for anyone undertaking construction work involving shared walls or structures.

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Arisha Patel
Arisha Patel
Nick at STH came to survey a property for me. Communication with Nick and Joy was extremely prompt and professional. I would definitely use them again in the future!!
Oliver Boggis
Oliver Boggis
I instructed STH to undertake a party wall award between my company and a neighbour. Nick was prompt, professional and a pleasure to deal with. Many thanks for your help.
Monarfon Holiday Cottage
Monarfon Holiday Cottage
STH prepared specifications and were able to offer expert advise for elements of our repairs and refurbishment.
Brandon Winchester
Brandon Winchester
Couldn't be happier with the service that was provided. For reliability and efficiency, I couldn't have asked for anything more. Strongly recommend!

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RICS certification from the Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors ensures that Party Wall Surveyors adhere to the highest professional and ethical standards. Choosing RICS certified surveyors provides confidence that your party wall matters will be handled with expertise, integrity, and in compliance with industry best practices.

Hiring a Party Wall Surveyor offers several benefits, including establishing a clear legal framework for construction work, identifying and addressing potential issues early on, preventing disputes with neighbours, ensuring compliance with the law, and protecting the structural integrity of shared walls. The surveyor acts as a neutral third party, contributing to a smoother construction process.

The process typically involves serving notice to adjoining owners, providing them with details of the proposed work. If the adjoining owner agrees, no further action may be necessary. If a dispute arises, Party Wall Surveyors are appointed to assess the situation, create a Party Wall Award detailing the rights and responsibilities of all parties, and oversee the construction process to ensure compliance with the agreement.

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