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Schedules of Condition

Construction details for contractors and building control

How Can A Schedule Of Condition Help You?

The schedule is often prepared as part of a lease to limit a tenant’s repairing obligations by recording the condition and existing damage to the property before the lease was instated. It also works the other way, and allows the landlord to track any damage caused by a third party or tenant to assign liability accordingly.

There are many different types out there depending upon how much detail you want in your report and the scale of the property involved (commercial or residential) – whether it’s just general information about current state or specific concerns regarding things like plumbing issues, it is essential to organise a schedule of condition before any lease is agreed on.

Schedules of Condition Service

A condition survey can be a vital investment to protect your investment, whether you are the owner or the prospective tenant or buyer.

Using state-of-the-art testing equipment and high-quality photography we assess the condition of the structure and fabric of the building, in both its current and its future state, in order to highlight areas that may need attention.

Our condition survey can help to limit your liability under the terms of the lease. In addition, where building construction works are proposed and vibration or physical damage to our client’s property is possible, a condition survey can ensure that liability is fairly attributed.


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Brandon Winchester
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Alfie Wakelin
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