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Should I Pay For A Party Wall Surveyor?

Undertaking home improvements can be an exciting endeavour, but it’s important to consider the implications these projects might have on your neighbours. The Party Wall Act was established to provide a framework for managing disputes and responsibilities related to shared walls and structures. One key question that arises is: Should you pay for a Party […]

What Is A Roof Survey?

what is a roof survey

As professional building surveyors, we understand the vital role that your property’s roof plays in maintaining its longevity and safety. Overlooking this crucial aspect of your home or commercial building can have significant consequences. Your roof serves as the primary defense against the UK weather, and over time, it can deteriorate, potentially leading to costly […]

How Long are Party Wall Agreements Valid For?

When it comes to property ownership and renovation, understanding the legal aspects is crucial. One crucial aspect often overlooked is the party wall agreement. This legal document governs the relationship between property owners when one plans construction or renovation that could affect a shared wall. A common question arises: How long are party wall agreements […]

Party Wall Act: Damage to a Neighbours Property

When it comes to owning property, there are various legal aspects and responsibilities that homeowners need to be aware of, one of which is the Party Wall Act. This legislation applies to situations where two properties share a common wall, also known as a party wall. The Act is designed to govern any construction or […]

The Party Wall Act: What You Need to Know

If you are planning any property development that involves work on a shared or adjoining wall, it is crucial to understand the Party Wall Act 1996. This piece of legislation provides a framework for property owners to carry out building works that would otherwise not be permitted under Common Law. Lack of knowledge about this […]

How Long Does a Party Wall Surveyor Take?

If you’re planning to carry out construction or renovation work that involves party walls, it’s essential to understand the time frames involved in obtaining a Party Wall Award. While getting a quick resolution is desirable, several factors influence the speed at which a party wall surveyor can complete the process. In this blog, we’ll explore […]

Why Should You Get a Party Wall Surveyor?

Building work can be an exciting venture, but it’s essential to consider the potential impacts on your neighbours and adjoining property owners. If your project involves modifications, demolitions, excavations, or building against a shared party wall, you may fall under the scope of the Party Wall Act 1996. To navigate this process smoothly and avoid […]

Who Pays for a Party Wall Surveyor?

When it comes to party wall disputes, one of the most frequently asked questions is “Who pays for a party wall surveyor?” The Party Wall Act mandates that notices be served to adjoining owners before any construction work can commence, In cases where a dispute arises, both parties must appoint a surveyor. Let’s delve into […]

Do I Need A Surveyor for Party Wall Agreement?

A party wall refers to a boundary separating you and your neighbour. These are common in semi-detached or terraced houses. Garden walls can also be party walls when they are built over a boundary line.  How do I know if I need a Party Wall Surveyor?  This depends on the complexity of your proposed project […]

What Does a Party Wall Survey Include?

A party wall separates your home or garden from your neighbours. If you’re planning to undertake construction or renovation work that involves a party wall, it’s essential to understand the concept of party walls and the need for a party wall survey. A party wall survey is a crucial step in ensuring that your construction […]