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Design of New Builds & Refurbishment Projects

Designing beautiful homes to modern standards for luxury living

What Does Architectural Design Entail?

Architectural design involves the initial conception of a new build or renovation project, which involves the detailed planning of the aesthetic and size of the structure, as well as ensuring it is designed in a way that ensures structural integrity to create a coherent and functional structure while meeting your specific design needs.

In all our designs our priority is to meet your aims and objectives and to keep to your budget. We aim to work with you to create a bespoke interior to reflect your personal or company image, always ensuring that we stay well within the limits of financial viability for the scheme.

Architectural Design Service

Our professional design and management service can assist with any project, from conceptualization to completion. We are highly experienced in feasibility studies, constructing new buildings or refurbishing existing structures, producing computer-generated 3D visualisations for our clients to make well-informed decisions as part of the contract administration process – all while taking into consideration access and sustainability issues that may arise during a development’s lifespan.


Our consultancy services span a variety of topics related to design and construction, allowing us the opportunity to work alongside well-established professionals. When it comes to party walls in particular, our team is uniquely qualified.


Legislation for building consent only applies up until Scotland & Northern Ireland’s borders! Documents must signify that permission has been granted by both owners ahead of any form or size project from remedial measures through future improvements – an essential step towards remaining compliant and preventing conflict down the line.


A bespoke service developing your unique scheme to the highest of standards.


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