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Party Wall Act 3 Metre Rule

The 3-metre rule is a crucial aspect of the Party Wall Act procedure. It is a legal requirement for the building owner who wishes for construction work to be completed, to serve notice to the adjoining owner of the neighbouring property about excavation or construction plans, depending on certain factors. If the planned excavation exceeds the depth of the neighbouring property’s foundations and is within 3 metres of your property, then the 3-metre rule applies and notice is legally required to be given.

What Is The 3 Metre Rule and When Does It Apply?

The 3-metre rule mandates that if you intend to excavate to a depth greater than your neighbour’s foundation within 3 metres of any portion of their property, you must formally notify them in writing. This is known as a “Three Metre Notice.” Subsequently, your adjoining neighbour/s are expected to provide written consent before any excavation work can commence. In the event of disagreements or disputes, it is probable that the involvement of a surveyor will become necessary to draft a Party Wall Award.
The Party Wall 3-metre rule typically applies in the context of construction and property development when you plan to carry out excavations or building work within 3 metres (approximately 10 feet) of an adjoining property or boundary line. Specifically, it comes into play when:

In such cases, you are required to serve formal written notice to your adjoining neighbours, informing them of your intentions. The Party Wall Act in many countries, including the UK, governs these situations, outlining the rights and responsibilities of property owners and procedures for dispute resolution. Compliance with the 3-metre rule helps ensure that construction work is carried out safely and minimises potential disputes with neighbouring property owners. It promotes communication and cooperation between neighbours when it comes to shared property boundaries.

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